Inside Bitcoin Tel Aviv event review

Inside Bitcoin was an successful event in on October 19th and 20th in Tel Aviv, Israel. For this edition, Inside Bitcoins Conference and expo teamed up with the Israeli Bitcoin Association to come to Tel Aviv. The conference includes developers, entrepreneurs, investors, lawmakers, researchers and Bitcoin experts to tackle the hardest issues facing the cryptocurrency ecosystem. The agenda included a wide variety of topics such as cybersecurity, economics, regulation, mining, startups, academics and more.

Sessions included:

  • Bitcoin, present and future (joint research with the Bank of Israel)
  • Ethereum and the power of abstraction in human history
  • TREZOR to answer Bitcoin’s security challenges
  • The Bitcoin apocalypse – technological threats
  • The legal landscape of Bitcoin
  • Deep dive into colored coins
  • Mining our way to the future
  • Israel as a Bitcoin empire
  • Banking and Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin in academia

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